Improve Hip Mobility in Five Minutes a Day

Maintaining hip mobility and control is important in preventing hip and low back pain/injury. The following routine is a full body, functional routine to mobilize tissues and control hip articulations.

1. Unilateral Kneeling Hip Sinks

Our adductor (groin) muscle group is one of the 'tightest' of the hip musculature. Kneeling Hip sinks incorporate hip hinge patterning with adductor mobility for one of our favorite hip mobility exercise.

To perform: Extend on leg out to side with foot flat on the floor. Sink your hips back towards your heel (feeling the stretch on the inside of your thigh). return to starting position and Repeat

2. Hip CAR's

CAR stands for (controlled Articular Rotations) and is one of our favorites for improving movement and control of the entire hip joint.

To perform: In quadruped position, flex hip (bring knee to chest), externally rotate the hip while slowly extending. Slowly begin to internally rotate hip as you get to full extension and finally bring knee back to flexed position.

3. Squat Holds

The ability to maintain the squat position for an extended period of timedemonstration of mobility and strength.

To perform: Sink into the squat position and hold for one minute. Hold weight for an added challenge. Use elbows to press knees out for extra stretch on the adductor muscles.

4. Cossack Squat

A full body hip and ankle mobilization. As you can see Dr. Baird needs some work.

To Perform: Take a wider than shoulder width stance. Keeping torso upright, bend left knee while straightening right leg and turning toe pointed to ceiling. Sink as low as you can slowly switching sides. 

Evolve Performance Healthcare combines traditional chiropractic care with therapeutic fitness routines for sustainable pain relief and improved performance.

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