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Creating Smart, Strong and Self Reliant Human beings

Evolve Performance Health believes that the most important aspect to your recovery is you. We've placed so much importance on the doctors, the treatments the technologies that we're lost sight of the importance of the individual.

Lets put the focus back on you. We provide the plans. You provide the commitment to the plan. It's that easy.

Free Resources

Our free resources provide introductory tools for pain relief and performance

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Taking Control of Low Back Pain

On and off low back pain? Sit long hours? Our guide to taking control of low back pain teaches you five movements that need to be mastered to get rid of low back pain for good.

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Taking Control of Shoulder Pain

Don't live with shoulder pain. Learn easy exercises to restore normal range of motion and strength to the shoulder joint and take care of shoulder pain for good.

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Best Desk Exercises for Pain Relief and Performance

If you sit at a desk most of the day for work, this guide is for you. Learn exercises for better posture and thoracic mobility to improve productivity and performance at work.

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Online Programs

Looking for something more in depth? Our online programs are structured and intensive exercise progressions to recover, strengthen, and retrain areas of the body. 

We currently offer the following courses:

The Ultimate Guide To Low Back Health - Now Available

Our four week, progressive exercise plan for total low back health. The same progressions we cover with clients in the clinic  - from the comfort of your own home. Written and video instructions available for each exercise.

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Therapeutic Fitness Program

Continuing our mission to create smart, strong and self reliant human beings, our twelve week Therapeutic Fitness Program was created by our team of expert doctors and fitness specialists to improve the movement, strength and coordination of the entire body. 

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