Steps To Pain Relief After A Car Accident

Auto Injury Clinic Portland | Evolve Performance Healthcare

The first goal of any treatment plan after a car accident is to get you out of pain. Try these three suggestions to speed the pain relief process.

  • Pain Free Range of Motion 

The naturally tendency following a car accident is to rest and stay still to prevent any further injury. Unfortunately this has been shown to slow the healing process and prolong recovery. The sooner we can start moving within a pain free range, the faster recovery and better outcomes we see.

  • Supplements

Normally  we're not a clinic that promotes use of supplements in reaching health goals, but for short term pain relief their are a few supplements we recommend. Omega 3's can help decrease inflammation surrounding the muscles and nerves to decrease pain. Vitamin D has also been linked to pain relief in many musculo-skeletal conditions. Willowbark is commonly used natural alternative to aspirin.

  • Ice

The debate on ice is controversial. In general, we recommend ice in the very acute setting. Be aware that while ice does provide pain relief by numbing surrounding tissues it also slows the healing process and shouldn't be something that we use past the acute setting.

Remember, early and active pain free range of motion is the building block to faster healing and sets the stage for proper rehabilitation. All of these suggestsion will provide pain relief in the short term.

For longer term pain relief solutions, please don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors.