Alex nutter

Alex Nutter is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts. Born and raised in the Portland area Alex loves and is invested in the city and its people. Prior to massage, Alex pursued an interest in personal training with an emphasis in corrective movement rehabilitation. He approaches massage and training with a single vision: how can I help you move pain free.

Alex first came to the medical field in 2012 as a paramedic. He has worked in counties from the Oregon Coast to Mt Hood. This is where he first began to develop his vision for his current therapy practices. Too many patients voiced the same complaint. They had left their primary care physician, physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist with promises of a reduction or relief of pain. Those who didn’t struggle with doctor-induced narcotic addictions were left wracked with pain and no answers. Pain led to depression. Depression led to misery. These experiences shaped his current methods for client care. Assess the pain, treat the cause, and instruct the client in sustaining the change.