You’ve tried traditional physical therapy. You've tried regular chiropractic care. You're looking for something different.

Evolve Performance Healthcare prides itself as a clinic focused on creating long term, sustainable results over short term relief. Improving performance in the real world over symptom management. Relying on active therapies vs. passively receiving treatment. Treating the whole body rather than isolated segments. Importance is placed on the patient versus the doctor, treatments and technologies.

Care is based on client goals. We're happy to help with all of the following.

Injury Recovery

Our clinical care packages are designed to help you recover from injury. Providing pain relief, faster healing, and most importantly, helping you regain confidence and trust in the injured area. Each package includes:

  • Full body, Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Soft Tissue and Taping Therapies
  • Individualized Rehabilitation Program
  • In Depth Movement and Performance Assessment

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Performance and Fitness

Combining conservative medicine with functional fitness to improve performance on the field and in the workplace. Visits include full body chiropractic adjustment and 30 minutes of functional fitness training.

Long Term, Sustainable Pain Relief

Our three month Therapeutic Fitness Program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of movement and ingrain them through practice and repetition.

Be able to handle whatever life throws at you. Create long term, sustainable pain relief solutions through education and action.

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